Our cashmere and our linen pieces, if well cared for, should last a lifetime. 


Cashmere loves water…it softens and returns life to the fibers. Ideally, hand wash your sweaters in cold water with a tiny amount (half a teaspoon) of mild liquid soap (WOOLITE for example). Simply place the sweater (one at a time) in the water and let it soak. Do not rub it or wring it. You can gently push at the garment to try to push water through it. Drain the soapy water after several minutes and run cold water over and through the garment to remove the soapy water. Press the sweater gently against the side of the basin to remove some water and then transfer the sweater to a dry towel that has been laid out open and flat on the floor or on a counter top. Place the sweater on the towel, “blocking” it into its original dry shape, removing wrinkles as well, and then gently roll up the towel with the sweater inside of it to remove the majority of the remaining water from the garment. Unroll the towel and transfer the sweater to a dry towel, laying it open and flat, “blocking” it again to make sure that it is in it’s original dry shape and leave the towel in a dry, level place to allow the sweater to dry out in this shape. Once the sweater is dry you can shake it out and if necessary touch it up with a hot iron with the garment covered by a cotton cloth or pillowcase to protect it, pressing lightly. 

I PEZZI DIPINTI styles that are made from cashmere fabric that has been knit and then cut and sewn into jackets or shirts should instead be dry cleaned by a very reputable drycleaner in order to maintain the shape. Although they too can be hand washed, for those of us who are less than expert at doing so, dry cleaning will achieve better results. 

Any garment that has leather or wooden buttons should either not be hand washed or have the buttons removed before doing so. If one is concerned about the buttons, they should be removed before dry cleaning as well. 

Knit cashmere hats that are tiedyed should be dry cleaned. Knit cashmere hats with fox fur pompoms should be dry cleaned by an establishment proficient at cleaning fur or by a furrier. 

All cashmere knitwear pieces should be folded using acid free white tissue inside to avoid creasing and stored folded in a moth free location. 


The cashmere hand loomed textiles should be dry cleaned by a very reputable dry cleaner and stored folded in a moth free location. 


I PEZZI DIPINTI’s hand loomed linen pieces should be washed by hand in cold water using the same steps described in the CASHMERE KNITWEAR section above. The only difference is that they can be hung on a line or on a hanger to dry and then depending on one’s stylistic preference either pressed with a hot iron to make crisp or twisted and tied in a knot to store so that they come out wrinkled and “used” looking. 


Below is a video illustrating our recommended method for folding shawls when not in use.